Supplier strategy & policy undefined in ITIL V3 Service Strategy

Service Design p 162 requires a Supplier Strategy & Policy from Service Strategy. Service Strategy does not mention anything with regard to this. The glossary does not define any of these two terms.

Again a cross book omission. Great, I just wanted to write a few things on the Supplier Strategy and now I am out of references (ISO 20000 does not help here, CobiT neither). OK, again I will use my common sense.

Mising book?

May be I'm wrong (no time to read the all five books!) but, I'm missing a book from the core service lifecycle: what about "Service Building"? (We have strategy, design and transition... we need to build it, so it was a very important opportunity to enter in the world of IT Project management and SW and IT Systems development and CMMI)

automated change ?

automated change gets no mention, yet in this era of Web Services, grid computing and so on, ITIL needs to be ready for dynamically self-healing and self-reconfiguring systems. the only human intervention will be after-the-fact approval so someone knows what happened.

ST does not specify services in definition of CMS technical requirements

Page 195, section 7.3 Technical COnsiderations for CMS:

Nowhere does this part of the book specify or remind us that a service or other logical entity is a CI and therefore has to be stored and mapped in order to support catalogue, incident impact, root cause, chage impact, SLA analysis and reporting or any of the other essential activiites of ITIL.

instead the descriptions are entirely technical which is going to allow the vendors to pass off network mapping tools and asset discoverers as CMS.

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