One more for the Links page

An IT Skeptic has gotta love a website called IT Project Failures so a special thankyou to Terry Doerscher for pointing us to it. It is a fascinating read. Nice to see SAP featuring at the top today - what a surprise.

The IT Skeptic does not have a blogroll, as that word is one letter off what we Australasians call toilet paper, so it is hardly complementary to the sites listed on it (a bit like the old university graffiti above the roll saying "B.A.s Please take one"). I just have a nice old-fashioned Links page


Failure usually is an option

"Failure usually is an option" said the Identity Blogger. LMAO!

and what about "The Risks Digest"?

The Risks Digest goes back to 1985 and is a chronologically list of IT titsups (as the El' Reg would say). In 1985 I was fresh faced, just out of matric! Forum On Risks To The Public In Computers And Related Systems can be viewed at

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