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The IT Skeptic's ITIL News Pipe

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Don't miss the ITSM Weekly podcast and other blog posts from the inimitable ServiceSphere (Chris Dancy) and the Matts-squared, Baren and Hooper.

I do like the common sense on Making ITIL Work

A suitably skeptical view of ITIL V3 certification from ITSM Manager (something of a tautology there)

I enjoy reading Aidan Lawes on ITP Report every week - he out-skepticks the Skeptic!

So too does Aale Roos on ITSM Portal.

James Finister has a great blog Core ITSM. Very useful thoughtful skeptical views on ITIL in particular and ITSM in general. I don't agree with everything he says, which is also a good sign. I see it having an idealogical connectioin with my own ideas of Core Practice: cut the crap, don't gild the lily, look for the key necessities.

David Ratcliffe, the Pink President, is deep in the world of ITIL but certainly not inside Castle ITIL. He doesn't post often. It is well worth reading.

Good skeptical stuff from Vinod Agrasala

dev2ops is an ITSM blog that is thoughtful, useful, knowledgeable, suitably skeptical, and NOT written to regurgitate basic ITIL descritpions or to advance the ego of the blogger

Platen is a blog by whose tagline is "where technology meets common sense". Floyd usually makes sense and he is always skeptical - my kind of blogger

A widely read thinker in the IT Management space, with a suitably skeptic bent, is John M Willis

An IT Skeptic has gotta love a website called IT Project Failures

I get great value from Terry Doerscher.

ITSM Portal is THE source of ITSM news, as well as great directories of tools, organisations, frameworks, and magazines..

I don't quite understand how someone so geeky can be so interesting but Michael Coté at Redmonk manages it, and with a suitable dash of skepticism too!

Mike Rothman's Daily Incite is skeptical, cynical and technical.

DITY newsletter combines skeptical and practical advice - excellent stuff.

ITSM View is an ITSM-related blog that certainly seems to be taking a critical look at things.

The Datamation forum sees less traffic than some but is less up itself. But then I write for them so what do I know?

Doug McClure: A nicely wide-ranging blog

Charles Betz's ERP approach to IT: a concept gaining traction

Andrew Kramer comes at ITIL from the technical NSM perspective

Rodrigo Fernando Flores does a nice line of common sense, backed up by solid experience. Lots of good Service Catalogue resources here too.

If you read German... Even if you don't, use the Google translator and you can usually work it out. It is worth the effort. I have got some great info from this site.

..and for the Spanish speakers amongst you: Antonio Valle's "Gobierno de las TIC. Conocimiento Adquirido".

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Not necessarily ITIL but sites the Skeptic likes...

The IT Skeptic recommends BullFighter for anyone who writes anything in English

Gullibility: a suitably skeptical blog

Somehow CalvinBall seems so relevant.

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Sites that solicit and/or provide open content on ITIL:



The ITIL Open Guide isn't actually that open - try contributing. It also has a worldwide register of ITIL certified people

The ITIL Wiki

The ITIL Process Wiki


links for Project Management

When I first started looking at ITSM/ITIL your blog was a very good source of information and saved me a lot of time and expense.

I am now getting involved with IT Project Management and need a similar skeptical blog on the world of PM/PRINCE2. Googled and used technorati but no good results. Lots of blogs congratulating Project Managers on how wonderful PM is but no hard introspection.

Anybody any suggestions?

Rgds Rob.

herding cats

Hi Rob,

I have enjoyed reading Glen lays the boot in quite often.


branch out into PM

I'd like to branch out into PM and I occasionally do (check the topics). Sorry ITSM keeps dragging me back :)

I liked the DITY Newsletter

I liked the DITY Newsletter

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