How the ITIL Qualifications Board is made up and how to be on it

We asked the question Who are the mysterious ITIL Qualifications Board?

The definitive answer is given here by LCS

The ITIL Qualifications Board is the official group of ITIL stakeholders who are responsible for the creation and maintenance of both the v2 and v3 Qualification schemes including ITIL certification exam syllabi... The representatives include the official accreditation body APM Group, OGC, TSO, itSMF International, Exam Panel Chiefs for both v2 and v3, Accredited Training Organizations, Assessors as well as representative from each of the Examination Institutes. The only way to become a member is to be the representative for one of these stakeholders.

If you are passionate about certificationm and/or have expertise in this area and want to be on the Board, you can't. It represents only the money engine. We feel ever more deeply the lack of a body representing the ITIL users. Not the vendors. Not the promoters/marketers (itSMF). Not the practitioners (consultants). The users. The ones who make no money out of ITIL, just bet their careers on it.

So now my question is, has this information ever been officially provided anywhere? I welcome responses from readers.

And if not why not? Why is it so hard to get public information on the governance and management workings of ITIL?

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