Application Management

Application Management process is fully described under the organization but it is not mentioned as a process.


clarify "under the organization "?

Can you clarify "under the organization "?

See Chapters 6.5.3 - 5

In chapter 6 Organizing for Service Operation, p 129 to 134 there is a good description of Application Management Process. Nothing wrong with that but why not list it in the processes?

Applications Management

In ITIL v3, Applications Management is defined as a Function (i.e functional unit of an organisation), not as a process. The Applications Management function (unit) will use all/most of the defined processes to deliver its responsibilities

"process" means you are in the ITIL club

I agree that App Mgmt is defined as a "function" not a "process" by ITIL, but in every respect it looks very like the ITIL processes: roles, responsibilities, objectives, a cycle of phases, activities, organisational structure, metrics.

So can we then infer that "process" means you are in the ITIL club and "function" means you are not?

In ITIL V2 there were 6 processes in Application Management

In fact, application management in V2 was not one process but six. The processes were Requirements, Desing, Build, Deploy, Operate and Optmise. The App Mgmt book was not very good but it had one useful section, which was this process part. Now it has been more or less copied to V3 but as a function.

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