Which ITIL3 books do you use most? Is there a useful subset?

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In my summary of ITIL Version 3, I predicted:

Even though OGC are trying to make ITIL3 more integrated than ITIL2, it is a good bet that users will concentrate on the Service Transition and Service Operation books (at least initially), in the same way as we focus on the red and blue books in ITIL2, so that ITIL3 will have its own "lost processes", as I call them.

How is this shaping up? What are your preferred books? Which ones do you spend the most time with?


Service Operations

I happen to like Service Operations the best. It was also the first book that I looked at. I was pleased to see the "Yellow Book" content (Application Management) get some renewed life/interest.

Strategy & Design

I like the Service Strategy & Service Design books, but I spend time poking around them all.

John M. Worthington
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