Brother ISACA

ISACA and itSMF can do more together. There is a great deal of synergy between our organisations and very little overlap.

I recently attended ISACA's Pacific Region CACS conference. itSMF New Zealand has done a reciprocal deal with ISACA to have booths at each other's conference. This is a great idea. In some countries the local chapters of ISACA and itSMF cooperate in varying ways. There have been discussions at the international level. Now both organisations have a common Board member: Rob Stroud.

The linkage between COBIT and ITIL is strong. We can work together to share knowledge and experience, and to present a united message to the IT community about good practice in governance and service.

If it isn't happening in your area, get it together. How about a joint Christmas function to kick things off?

Perhaps if we start dating it might lead to somethign more serious. Being a member of both organisations I can tell you that they can learn from each other. ISACA can teach

  • centralised international administration of membership, IP, certification etc by volunteers without privatisation
  • development of free, open source bodies of knowledge
  • professional registration, certification, and ongoing professional development
  • support of new chapters and new members
  • regional cooperation
  • member-oriented service

and of course itSMF can teach.... um....


and of course itSMF can teach.... um....

I expected you to know at least something the itSMF can teach.

How about getting publicity?

anything that itSMF does better than ISACA. readers?

Actually I'm stumped on anything that itSMF does better than ISACA. readers?

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