How to refer to the ITIL V3 books online for free

[Update: OGC/TSO no longer provide online preview or search for the ITIL 2011 books. Bastards. ]

The IT Skeptic does not support infringement of intellectual property rights, but there is a way to access the ITIL Version 3 books (and many others) online that the IT Skeptic believes is legitimate. And free.

It is Google Book Search. The number of pages you can view is limited, and text is presented as an image - no copy and paste, but if you want to know all about say Incident Matching or E/CAB, then you get more than enough pages to read up on the topic. It is conveniently on the Web so you can access it anywhere.

There is controversy over the legality of Google Book Search and a legal battle is underway. The IT Skeptic sides with Google and believes this tool is within the bounds of fair use, and will only serve to promote sales of the books. My own books will be on there voluntarily (just working on a few logistics to get Introduction to Real ITSM on).

Here are the ITIL Version 3 books:

and a bonus:

You can build a library on Book Search.

Log on to Google if not already.
Go to Google Book Search.
Search on ITIL (or whatever).
Save the books you want to "My Library".
In future, go to "My Library" and search it for your question.

Cool eh?

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use of Google Books to illustrate an ITIL point

Via email, I was telling a client about the concept of Single Point of Contact so i sent him this link to illustrate that the concept of SPOC is mainstream best practice. Nice.

It was also the only way I could find all mentions of SPOC in Service Operation since the index is just rubbish (it indexes only the glossary definition of the term even though there are at least four other references to SPOC in the book).

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