ITSM for the Real World

Here's a blog I'll be following (if only he'd post a bit more often): ITSM for the Real World.

My intent herein is to move away from the trend I am seeing in our Industry towards more and more of an academic or theoretical approach to solving problems. I wish rather to focus on practical solutions that can deliver results and be realistically implemented by the average IT organization.

So much energy and resources in our industry have gone towards creating reams of white papers, documents, frameworks, revised frameworks, new and improved frameworks (you get the picture), etc.., but in speaking to real practitioners and average IT folk who are being asked to implement ITIL or a version of an ITSM program, the feeling I get is that although people are a lot more knowledgeable about what ITIL is, many are no more clear on how to go about accomplishing these great things than we were 6-8 years ago in this industry...

I fear that in our desire to create a picture of what an IDEAL IT organization looks like in our Industry, we have forgotten how to lead people to that place where they can learn from the examples of others and gain benefit from the lessons those others learned not necessarily in just what they did right, but also in the sharing of their experiences of how they came to the place that they are.


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