10 Things I don't get either

Oh this is great skepticism about IT in general: 10 Things I Just Don't Get About Tech by Thomas Wailgum.

1. Why is it acceptable for people to take out their BlackBerrys during a meeting and clickity-clack away?
Because they have been raised to think it is OK not to fully engage with the people around them. Heck they are not ABLE to do so. They were the kids who listened to the stereo while doing homework; who left their Walkman earbuds in when talking to people (and their sunglasses on); who watched TV while talking to visitors. We've raised whole generations who just freak in a silent room; can't concentrate on one thing at a time; and don't see giving total attention as a basic behaviour.

8. Why isn't every single IT department employing some type of low-hanging-fruit virtualization strategy by now?
...and ITAM

9. Why does the fact that 97 percent of all e-mail traffic is spam seem acceptable to everyone?
Because it still doesn't cost enough to be worth fixing. In fact the industry it generates far outweighs the cost of the bandwidth. If spam really impacted the economy, the CIA would be be topping the bastards.

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