ITIL V3 Live is ... still coming, and VERY expensive

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I see the long-awaited "ITIL portal" is showing off. It will go live on 10th November.

So if you were wondering what ever happened to the promised process maps for ITIL, or where you could get work instructions and role descriptions for the ITIL processes, or where to get ITIL V3 in Visio or Word templates, wonder no more. It is all here. All you have to do is pay more money. LOTS of money. To TSO. Two and a half thousand fadurkin' British Pounds Sterling per annum to be precise.

There are those of us who thought an ITIL portal might be a free service of user contributed content and collaboration. It does seem that at least some of the Knowledge Base will be free to all: contributed "news, white papers and case studies". Guess who will be contributing most of them? Yup, the vendors.

But all the good stuff will cost you thousands of dollars a year. The money goes to TSO, the private company who are making a big deal about how the content is overseen by the Chief Architect and the original authors on a Content Review Group, and how the content comes from the original authors "and other key stakeholders". [Thank heavens they called it a "Group", not a "Board" for once]. One assumes there is a royalty involved here for OGC to fund future development of ITIL [BTW I hear ITIL 4 is in early discussion already]. I wonder how much.

There are also some of us who thought process maps, role descriptions and work procedures might be what we would be buying in the core books. Or even the complementary books. Nope.

The core books are just a sweetener. The big payola comes online and if you want the real meat of ITIL you pay it. Nice. Very nice. I don't know of anyone who saw that one coming. As an ex-predatory-vendor I can say these guys are GOOD. Why don't sharks eat software salesemen? Professional courtesy. You can amend that old joke to include ITIL publishers too now.

There is a demo here. Reading between the lines it would seem it runs best on Flash, i.e. it is still vapourware at this point. The future tense crops up in descriptions here and there, and if you register you register your interest only. Send no money now.

I have first-hand experience of how a non-commercial model doesn't always work, but with something as big as ITIL, with so much momentum, I reckon with official backing it could. Certainly as a free marketeer I understand how a commercial incentive moves things along.

But twenty-five hundred quid per annum for an online clickable process map is just obscene. Please before you pay that kind of money for something that once was a public service from the government, check out my post about COBIT as an alternative. Don't all do it though. If COBIT gets as big as ITIL the money engine will debase it too.

Comments ?

Can anyone recommend this? It purports to have the model worked out to fine detail with work instructions etc. Is it worth the subscription?

What are we paying for?

The idea of creating a pay for knowledge portal is not new in the ITIL space, the trouble with the pay for model, as Skep points out, vendors are the only one that contribute content. Let's face it, if you want the vendor's content, just sign up for one of the numerous "free" webinars that we all get e-mails for or supposedly "free" white papers that you have to register for before you get it. (Then you spend how much time fending off the vendor calls).

Practitioners are looking for real case studies done by other practitioners, not case studies that are sales pitches in sheep’s clothing. I realize we all need to make a living, however, how about charging a nominal fee for the portal so that the average practitioner can afford the subscription. This may even increase the quality of content.

ITIL Classroom education is dead - Long Live 'ITIL Live'

Clumsy English but its late...

Check it out:

Looks great - job well done... I especially like:

" puts ITIL V3 in a Live learning Environment"


"As an educational aid: organizations who are investing in formal ITIL education will be able to use ITIL Live as a resource for study and as a reference tool after ITIL certification."

So they cover before and after... that just leaves during...

Methinks the game is over for classroom education delivered by the accredited cottage industry.....

Is it dead or alive?

I checked the ITIL Live site. It looks like there are no news, articles or case studies.

Of course I have not wasted thousands of £'s to get access but I suppose it would show the titles. Does anybody know what is the status?


Nobody in their right mind is going to line TSO's pockets

I'll make you a prediction, Aale: there WON'T be any news, articles or case studies other than the following:

  • those already available in the public domain
  • one or two that TSO can cobble up from the key stakeholders (the authors etc)
  • thinly disguised brochures from vendors
  • paid content - look for an offer from the site once they get desperate

...and yes I too would love to hear from anyone who has managed to scam their boss for the registration fee.

Shrinking Funding

Once again skep ask the burning question, who has ponied up the registration fee. I'm just trying to keep funding for our current program let alone trying to ask for additional funding.

IT Frameworks site

Let knowledge be shared!

ITIL Live ain't nothing compared to the spirit of sharing, right? ;)


I'm a little jaded when it comes to open content due to my own experiences with previous open ITIL sites (OpenITIL, the ITIL Open Guide and the ITIL Wiki, not to mention Wikipedia itself) as well as my own open efforts.

Open sites need an enormous population base to work and even then they become captive of vested interests or the ignorant, the bored and fringe elements. I don't believe the ITSM community is big enough to sustain a good open site though I'd be happy to be proved wrong.

Also a warning: I don't see any acknowledgement of OGC trademark ownership, nor any warning to contributors not to include copyright material. As a creator of IP I am not a supporter of IP rights violation.

Good luck to you.

Caution - a work in progress

Very important point about recognizing copyright.

I was tempted to have a quick look at the itframework site and wish anyone well who is trying to help folks understand better ITIL Version 3 and by doing so protect any existing or planned investment.

In doing so I noticed a number of potentially important omissions. I'll lmention a couple for folks to consider.

1. The failure on the strategy 'swimlane' to describe how market spaces are defined and interrogated to identify a match with capabilities, and thereby the opportunity to address. A key factor here is also the investment analysis (service economics/financial management) activities that authorize a change to the overall strategy, represented by a suitable change to the service portfolio.

2. Here is another quick omission - service pipeline. Strategy implies that once a proposed service solution (represented by a service charter?) is financially approved, it has to enter the service pipeline to enable subsequent activity by service design.

Both of these observations are based upon the first diagram I reviewed:

So as I started out - please recognize sources and copyright, and please be sure to help better 'decipher' the source by perhaps listing all of the key artifacts involved at various stages and checking off any flow diagrams to ensure they are represented in some form. Perhaps most important of all - where an interpretation is ADDED (by this I mean ITIL may not specifically state but you have assumed) - please make sure the reader is made aware. Separate fact from assumption.

Please do not add USMBOK without prior written permission. The overview offered at belies the underlying detail documented in the Guide to the USMBOK publication.

You are welcome to correct any deviation :-)

ianclayton (and others): You are more than welcome to add your knowledge and correct any outness that you discover on

Correcting deviation

whooor! "Correcting deviation"? Even worse thoughts of whips and mink manacles and...

New version, eh?


[BTW I hear ITIL 4 is in early discussion already]

Well, if it does, at least I can claim the honor of being the first person to predict it (on your site to boot!). How do you think that will look on my CV? LOL


Absolutely ridiculous...

I'm well and truly with you on this one Skeptic. As I wrote on my blog back in June I think we've been misled here. There is no way that I will be paying £2500 per year for content as an individual person. Who came up with that pricing model?!


Have you heard of ITUP? it is free for non customising purposes but they have also ITUP composer for publishing changed customized processes.


Anyone out there tried IBM Tivoli Unified Process?

This looks cool [please note; the IT Skeptic is capable of saying something nice about IBM]. I have downloaded it but won't have time until next week to try it out. Anyone out there tried IBM Tivoli Unified Process?


It is quite good, so is the HP model.

Always fun asking IBM where they actually use the model themselves

hp model

Do they (HP) publish ITIL v2/3 models on public? Is there a site where you can download it?


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