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The Free ITIL Movement is an informal community for those who wish to support the following proposition:
We the supporters of the Free ITIL Movement call upon the Cabinet Office of Her Majesty's UK Government to honour the spirit of the government's policy on transparency and public data, and the letter of the United Kingdom Government Licencing Framework (UKGLF), by releasing the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) under the terms of the Open Government Licence (OGL).

So far 2.5% of those reading this page have gone on to sign the petition. C'mon folks! Get with it! Here's why:

The OGL is a new licence introduced by the new UK government to open up public data. Supposedly tax-payer-funded products of the government are supposed to be released back to the public as a commons resource.

"free as in free speech not free as in free beer"
ITIL is a body of knowledge that has a huge international user community. Over a million people have been trained in it. That community

  • contribute much of the content
  • review all the content
  • translate all the content
  • did all the marketing, and still do most of it
  • ran the international roadshow in 2007 to release the latest version to the world
  • continue to operate the only useful communities

We hope that the UK Government will take this opportunity to make a major contribution to IT efficiency and effectiveness worldwide by releasing ITIL back to that community because:

  • ITIL will otherwise eventually be over-run by other frameworks with a more enlightened attitude to creating a community of open content
  • Developing countries are constrained in their ability to access the content which costs about five hundred pounds per copy, and to access training which costs thousands of pounds to attend
  • ITIL is currently entangled in contractual and licensing constraints that led the UK's Office of Public Sector Information to remark " ...this begs the question as to why [OGC] sponsors the publication of proprietary IT service management guides"

The OGC has already collected royalties on a million certifications, hundreds of thousands (millions?) of books, and many trademark licences and product certifications. I think it is safe to say they have covered costs. Besides setting ITIL free doesn't mean making it free. People will still buy the books, just not because they have to, not as often, and not at monopolistic prices. Vendors will still certify their products, companies will still use accredited trainers, and another million people will be certified.

We think ITIL content should be open content available for reuse in the same way that the similar Microsoft Operating Framework is already (it uses the Creative Commons licence). OGC would retain control of the ITIL trademark, protecting the brand (which must be acknowledged every time the open content is used). We think this should not constrain trainers from providing un-accredited training about ITIL (let the buyer decide if accreditation is important), consultants from using ITIL in their own products (thereby further promoting usage and sales of ITIL), and authors from adding value to the ITIL body of knowledge.

By opening up ITIL, Her Majesty's Government will make a major contribution to the IT industry worldwide, will entrench ITIL's preeminent position, and will encourage the community to willingly contribute volunteer content and labour to OGC's products into the future.

Please, free ITIL®. Someone has to govern the ITIL brand to keep all users honest.
But they should be free to use it honestly.

Not convinced? Here's more on why this is a good idea.

If you support this idea, send your views to the UK Government here by joining our petition.

195 Petitioners as at 30th July 2011

Rob England Porirua New Zealand
Maarten de Bruin Zoetermeer The Netherlands
Jurgen de Vries Rotterdam The Netherlands
Kory G. Smith Woodway, WA USA
Shaun McNulty Walton on Thames United Kingdom
Martin Behrmann Berlin Germany
Antonio Valle Salas Barcelona SPAIN
Mauricio Corona Mexico City Mexico
Kevin Clark Blackburn, Victoria Australia
Vladimir Tarasoff Riga Latvia
Ali Parvaresh Tehran Iran
Rhett Glauser Solana Beach, CA USA
Marjace benson minneapolis, mn united states
Anatoliy Pavlyuchenko Boryspil Ukraine
Michael Heldstab Zurich Switzerland
Helen Morris Milton Keynes UK
Dave D'Agostino Beaconsfield UK
Ronald Brugmans Valkenswaard Nederland
Carlos Gonzalez Haro Spain
Jozef Kotlár Bratislava Slovakia
Annelise Savill Norwich UK
Osama Salah Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates
Christopher M. Dancy Denver USA
Patrick Bolger Ruislip United Kingdom
Michael Sly Kettering, OH USA
Dr Salam Hoshang Choburi Thailand
Aale Roos Helsinki Finland
Koen Vandeghinste Haacht Belgium
E.s. Francke Delft The Netherlands
Birtles Cymon Boncelles Belgium
Kenneth David Simpson Kingston, ACT Australia
Dave Bremer Dunedin New Zealand
Michel Regueiro Geneva Switzerland
Ian Marr Sevenoaks UK
Mateusz Jasny Krakow POLAND
Chris Rose Wallan, Victoris Australia
Geert Antheunis Mechelen Belgium
Joao Galdino Mello de Souza Sao Paulo, SP Brazil
Marcin Trofimiuk Warsaw Poland
Oleg Skrynnik Moscow Russia
Richard Griffiths West Midlands UK
Andrey Radoselsky Moscow Russian Federation
Roman Vykhodov Yaroslavl Russia
Mikhail Rostov-on-Don Russia
Eric Bacci Godalming UK
Mark De Witt Calgary, Alberta Canada
John Finnerty Toronto, ON canada
John E. Jasinski Minneapolis, MN USA
Gregory Tucker Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-kan Japan
Gregory Tucker Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ken Japan
Reinhardt A Botha Port Elizabeth South Africa
Teregulov Konstantin Moscow Russia
Martin de Lange Johannesburg South Africa
B.J.L. Hagen Den Hoorn, Zuid-Holland the Netherlands
Wouter Storms Eindhoven %profile[profile_country]
Daniel Cayouette Ottawa, Ontario Canada
Christopher Clemenson West Fargo, ND United States
Dmitry Isaychenko Moscow Russia
Anne Plancius Tiel Netherlands
Dennis de Vre Amsterdam Netherlands
Vladimir Buevich Moscow Russia
Daniël van Wijgerden Delft, Zuid-Holland The Netherlands
Walter van Eijk Zwijndrecht Netherlands
Stuart Humes Bognor Regis UK
Ivan Erdos Santa Clara, CA USA
Matthew Povey Amsterdam Netherlands
Rishi Nicolai Gordon AU
John Wills Guelph ON Canada
Ken Holmes Belper United Kingdom
Andrew Moscow Russia
Dan Kane Ramsey, MN United States
Jerome Pearce Farnborough Hants
Roman Jouravlev Moscow Russia
Fedoseyev Ruslan Moscow Russia
Philip Neufeld Fresno, CA 93722 USA
Daniel Rancourt North Bay, Ontario Canada
Andrey Teplyakov Kazan Russia
Satyendra Kumar Bangalore/Chennai INDIA
Geir Isene OSLO Norway
Erkka Suopanki Helsinki Finland
Antonio Sänchez Coslada, Madrid Spain
Michael Brenner Munich Germany
William Gordon Marton New Zealand
Matt Haggerty Oak Park, Il USA
Glenn O'Donnell Palmerton, PA United States
Piet Beek Maastricht %profile[profile_country]Nederland
Peter Doherty Melbourne %profile[profile_country]
Bart Van Brabant Genk Belgium
Stephen Brown New Brighton, MN USA
G. David Vega M. Cambridge New Zealand
James Norris London United Kingdom
Melanie Wilson Ottawa, ON Canada
Juan Rey Zaragoza Spain
Patti Camilo Honeoye Falls, NY usa
Greg Green South Jordan USA
Alick Wilson Wellington New Zealand
Nick Wilson London New Zealand
Bill Powell Virginia Beach, Virginia %profile[profile_country]
Michael James McConkey Cincinnati Unites States of America
Alex Sherman Shepperton UK
Klaus Dörner D-40625 Düsseldorf DE
Silvestre Simões de Oliveira Belo Horizonte Brazil
Fulvio Civitareale São Paulo Brazil
Daniel Jorge Quinones New York, New York USA
Luis Claudio de S. Alberto Belo Horizonte-MG Brasil
Diego Pérez Montes Ourense Spain
Michael Martin Tucson, AZ USA
Evan Carlson Morristown USA
Mauro Norberto Heine Porto Alegre/RS Brazil
Randy Michael Waleska, GA  USA
Greg McKone Abbotsford, BC Canada
Patrick Kabongo Biselela Kinshasa Democratic Republic of Congo
Heman Smith Mona UT
Robert de koning Utrecht Netherlands
Jaspinder Dhaliwal Birmingham United Kingdom
Danijel Bozic Zagreb Croatia
Arjen Droog Lunteren Netherlands
Damian Acuna Villa Alemana Chile
Won Lee Austin, TX USA
Clever Trindade Belo Horizonte / MG Brasil
Stephen Cobb Nashua USA
M.r. Waterlander Houten THE Netherlands
Bob Grinsell Apple Valley, MN USA
Donna Ravenhill London England
Andrew Briggs Rushdnen England
Douglas J. Renze Des Moines, IA 50311 USA
Gert Zwaan Arnhem %profile[profile_country]
Fernando Valdemar Baldin Curitiba, Paraná Brasil
Scott Whitten Milford, New Hampshire The United States of America
Aad Brinkman Apeldoorn The Netherlands
Ante Brinkman Apeldoorn The Netherlands
Jason Piterak Nashua, NH USA
M.A.H. van Uem Nijmegen The Netherlands
Ragu Mantatikar Victoria Australia
Mark A. Schmidt South Morang Australia
Michael Jablonski Dripping Springs, TX USA
Dilek Gurel Istanbul Turkey
Jorge Peinado Madrid Spain
Luis Ubaldo Godínez Flores MEXICO D.F. Mexico
Charuhasa V fremont CA 94555 USA
Sara Thursby Monrovia, California USA
Sachin Patel Sioux Falls, SD USA
Thierry R. BACHMANN F-77000 Melun France
Omar Sanchez D.F. Mexico
Lewis Lampkin, III Universal City, TX United States
Andrea Picucci Warrington England
wou 74370 argonay france
Antony Sutherland Subiaco WA Australia
Maria Gutierrez Farmington, NM USA
Lucas Rose Camberley UK
Lex Hendriks Amsterdam The Netherlands
Björn Karlsson Hallsberg %profile[profile_country]
Susan Crowe bromley UK
Nestor Nogueira de Albuquerque São José dos Campos Brazil
Luís Quintino SETUBAL Portugal
Erkki Viitanen Helsinki Finland
David Brooks Box Hill Australia
Gerald Jarvis Chester, NY USA
Felipe Gustavo Costa Reis Salvador, Bahia Brasil
Paul Davidson Germantown, MD USA
David Gallacher West Horsley, Syrrey UK
Paul Phillips Auckland New Zealand
Timothy R. Griffith Colorado Springs, CO USA
Jonathan Davis London London 
Robert Wagner Skokie, IL USA
Robert Horan Haywards Heath %profile[profile_country]
Tomas Navarro Molins de Rei %profile[profile_country]
John Gibert Ashington UK
Indra Talip Canberra, ACT Australia
boulet montigny france
Matt Sellors Chelmsford United Kingdom
Scott Link Creve Coeur, MO USA
Jose Kirkkonummi FINLAND
Sven De Paepe Ternat Belgium
Tomosato Hiroki Tokyo Japan
Ashems Songwe Lilongwe Malawi
John Gunson Pottstown, PA USA
John M. Clark Mason, OH  United States
Nirmal Baral luton United Kingdom
Steve Baillargeon Shefford Canada
Sandra Sanchez Bogota %profile[profile_country]
Hugo Chang Hsin-chu City, Taiwan TAIWAN, ROC
Darren Stafford Cherrybrook Australia
Mario Moroni Spino d'Adda, CR, ITALY ITALY
Matthew Kopli Barking United Kingdom
Rick Warren Hudson NY USA
Jo Strand Kristiansand %profile[profile_Norway]
Vishwas Chandrashekar London Great Britain
lisa palermo Santiago Chile
Huriye Elvan Sevinc Istanbul Turkey
Brenda Nel Pretoria South Africa
nerea molinero bilbao España
Julian Tunke 48249 Duelmen-Rorup Germany


ask Joe Harley

From an email to me

Why don’t you ask Joe Harley: [British Govt CIO]

The Government policy is to use Open Standards.
Two Government owned standards are not open: it is purely commercial. PRINCE2 and ITIL.
The ITIL standard costs £295 for the set and is NOT freely available as pdf. Civil servants must pay this to get the set which is very uneconomic.
Re-users are charges up to 20% royalty: even PhD students have received demands for licensing and payments regarding this standard. Licensing can take up to 6 months.

This is surprising given the Government policy of open standards: if this principle is not applied to Crown Copyright material produced by Civil Servants how can you expect industry to comply?

The UK Gov’t programme is currently advocating the use of ITIL as a standard for the Cloud programme: however as it is not open for free re-use how does this reflect the Government’s policy here?

Please can you confirm whether or not Government’s own material that is a central standard used in roll out of the cloud programme will or will not be made Open Source?

So I did

Uk Government Consultation

Hello Skep

There is a UK Government Consultation on data sets (the definition of which includes PRINCE2 and ITIL.)
What do you think of sending your list of signatures to them?:

Here are the terms of reference:

It looks a little commercial but a consistent set of rules for all clearly applied to all by an independent body goes some way towards your thinking;
'Someone has to govern the ITIL brand to keep all users honest. But they should be free to use it honestly '

Free ITIL - fly the flag

The "Free ITIL" logo is of course NOT copyright or trademark or anything (other than OGC's trademark over the word "ITIL" which we honour deeply and respect to the ends of the earth). So please feel free to put it on your websites with a link to this page as a gesture of support. Petitions only work if we get lots of people.


You do realize that your "Free ITIL" logo could be construed to mean "NO Free ITIL" because of the red line crossing the circle, right? Similar to "No Smoking" sign or many other similar traffic/road signs...

No copyright

Actually it is a "No copyright" symbol, as there is a copyright "C" crossed out

You got mine

Hi Skep,

you got my support in my blog

Gobierno TIC - Libre

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