The IT Skeptic's Big Ideas

Every year I seem to run with one or more "Big Idea". Often they are not my original idea. Some are. For the others I try to bring a fresh perspective to them.

2005 Big Uncle Privacy is dead: what we get instead is up to IT professionals
2006 Core Practice Copper not gold. My most profound work.
2006 The 5% Club CMDB is for the 5% complex enough to justify it and rich enough to succeed
2007 Crap Factoids Critical thinking about what the vendors say
2008 He Tangata IT is about the people
2008 Real ITSM A satirical view of the "null hypothesis" for ITSM
2009 ITIL V3 came out - it was a busy year for an ITSM skeptic
2010 Basic Service Management Service management made simple and practical
2010 Checklists Checklists are one of the most fundamental (and underused) resources in IT
2011 Tipu A methodology for managing BAU continual improvement
2011 Bad parent IT's governors have systemically failed IT over decades
2012 Protect and Serve IT deals all the time with the conflicting demands of stewardship and change
2012 Standard+Case A universal model for responsiveness, e.g. IT support.
My biggest idea ever, which resulted in a book.
2013 Kamu reconciling DevOps and conventional ITSM, extrapolating both to find the common ground, possibly around "anti-fragility"
2013 Slow IT the need to ease up on business demand in many organisations because It is close to breaking point.
2014 Meet in the Middle A strategy for trying to get IT some breathing space
2014 Real IT IT's new theoretical ideas lose sight of the reality of life in the IT trenches.
2015 Hono A simpler approach to supplier engagement models
2015 Multi-Speed IT Reconcile conflicting demands for stability and agility by having different lifecycle models, some of them custom.
2016 Get out of the way A basic principle of DevOps is for "Necessary Non-Value Work" to get out of the way of Value Work
2017 Lizard Brain We are primal animals. We dont interact with machines in the same way as we interact with humans
2017 The IT Renaissance the like of which we have never seen before in our industry
2018 New Ways Of Working And Managing Change to Management is the essential transformation to achieve new ways of working

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