DevOps Configuration versus ITSM CMDB

Devops configuration tools means something quite different to ITIL configuration tools (cmdb).

This blog first gathered its following by saying that cmdb is an unhealthy aspiration for nearly all organisations.

heretical views on ITIL Configuration Management

Recently Stephen Mann had the temerity to suggest Dear #ITIL, Please Kill Off The Configuration Management "Process", a variant on the heresy I've been proposing since 2007. Stephen said:

Vendors love to promise to play nicely

Hey, remember all the fine words about CMDBf? or Vendors love to promise to play nicely because it helps overcome buyer concerns and close the sales. But it is pretty rare for it to ever come to anything. SNMP was an exception. Don't fall for the sweet promises: whatever the vendors say, they won't love each other in the morning.

How to improve your service configuration data and what that means for CMDB

A reader asked How do you maintain the information of your complex interlinked system?

CMDB is like a linked digital phonebook, and just as pointless for most

In the old days a phonebook was a list of names and numbers, like an asset database.

Now we have numbers on phones, with people search. Say I want to ring Gary at Safeness. I don't have a number for him but I know his company, and for others at that company I have the switchboard number. Wouldn't it be cool if people were linked to a company entity and we recorded the company numbers once for that entity so it could be found for everyone in that company?

Now we have the analogous equivalent of a CMDB (or a normalised database for the old farts amongst us).

Refining the Five Percent Club

A guest post today from Aale Roos:

Knowing how Rob loves the CMDB ;) I thought I should publish my latest survey results here instead of ITSM Portal.

ITIL configuration guinea pig wanted

Wanted: an IT organisation to test the hypothesis that improving configuration procedures (and team) with some proper cultural change (not decree) will lead to the same benefits as implementing a CMDB, but at much lower cost.

CMDB: what does it really mean

"CMDB" means many things to many people. When the IT Skeptic debates against "CMDB" or "CMS" what I really mean is "that huge IT Monument to unnecessary technology which is known to the vendors and their sucker buyers as CMDB". Unfortunately the more precise label is a bit ponderous :) The term CMDB which was originally a label for a Generic Thing has become hijacked to be the label for a Great Big Technology.

CMDB is crazy talk

The CMDB debate seems endless, sisyphean. The analysts promise "Well OK CMDB crashed and burned but CMS is different. Really." The vendors know they're flogging a dead horse and they'd much rather prance about the service catalogue instead, but they have to get their R&D money back so they bang the CMDB drum. Here's my case summarised again (under recent provocation), for those who haven't read it before.

Configuration Management is a process not a thing

ITIL defines Configuration Management as the delivery of information but then spends most of its pages describing Configuration Management as the maintenance of a static repository of data, not an active process of serving that data to others. Let's get it clear: Configuration Management is a process not a thing

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