Does DevOps eliminate any ITSM processes?

The question was asked in Facebook Back2ITSm group:
"there’s a gaggle of ITSM processes involved in delivering a solution, from biz requirements to live operation... does DevOps actually eliminate the need for any of these processes?"


Activities don't go away. We do them differently.
Having said that, there are some huge transformations.

Quality assurance must shift left. We move away from third party assurance such as a testing phase, all forms of acceptance, and change approval, to have these things happen earlier as an integral part of the work.

Continuous integration utterly changes the way teams write code.

Continuous testing turns testing on its head: early, repetitious, integrated. Write tests before code. Write tests that fail. Use tests as requirements definitions. Do the majority of tests at the API and unit level: only do UI testing to test the UI, or end-to-end.

Organise in products not projects. Project management reverts to being an organising, tracking and reporting function.

Governance has to measure and evaluate new things. Risk is seen differently.

And so on.

[update 24/4/2018:
And DevOps impacts the *way* we do transformation:
Challenge the level of ceremony.
Call bullshit on theatre of change, risk, security....
Build the attitudes, behaviours, and culture, and good people will pull process. Stop doing it to them.
Let the people doing the work design the work.

These principles will change what is in the ITIL books, hence ITIL Practitioner a d ITIL 4.
But it's not the ITIL dictionary which is at fault, so much as the ITIL vernacular, how it is spoken in the field

Of course, it depends what you mean by DevOps. It might mean accelerating and improving the Require-to-Deploy value stream. Or it might mean applying the CALMS principles to any value stream at all: Request to Fulfill or Detect to Correct for example.

When we talk about the more traditional and limited context of Require to Deploy, there are limits to the impact of DevOps. Only in the most unicorn forms of DevOps, and at a small scale, does Dev affect the Run part of Ops, beyond Deploy.
I think there is huge potential in applying CALMS and the Three Ways to Run. DevOps people are starting to do so. We are crossing the streams (my topic at DOES London)

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