COBIT 5 draft Design document available for public comment

ISACA have published a draft design document of COBIT 5 for your comment. If you have an interest in IT management, ITSM or governance you should read it and provide feedback. Here's what I will be saying. What about you?

  1. Taking Governance Forward is an excellent initiative to get some holistic structure around the thinking on governance - it's all over the place in ISO38500, ValIT, the Board Briefing...
  2. The Information Reference Model is wonderful (as a concept - it will take a long time to evolve and judge the content). This is what ITIL missed.
  3. I'm delighted to see COBIT expanding into architecture, people skills, decision making, org structures, change enablement. I guess the forces of political correctness require sustainability to be in there too.
  4. Thank-you for finally dealing with COBIT's blurring of governance and management. I can delete my half-finished blog post on how COBIT is contributing to the death of the word "governance".
  5. Following on from that last point, the last paragraph on the bottom of page 13 (and figure 6) finally acknowledges that COBIT 4.1 wasn't about governance at all: it is an IT management framework.
  6. I want to see a lot more emphasis on the practical implementation of COBIT's advice: MORE HOW PLEASE. What exactly should be put in place, who should own and execute it... What policies and plans do I need? What framework structures those policies and plans? What reporting should i do? What processes are required and what do they look like? Go on, get onto ITIL's turf. They've been stomping all over yours long enough.
  7. Where's the open contribution model? Don't back off on that. By all means put strong editorial and review mechanisms in place but please let the world contribute to your wonderful database repository - don't rely on a small number of pundit authors.
  8. Overall the collaborative consultative evolutionary approach is superb - keep it up. There will be attacks and criticism and dissent and apparent ingratitude. Please don't become Castle Cobit.

What are your thoughts? (Don't just put them here - do ISACA's survey too BEFORE APRIL 12TH!!)


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