Castle ITIL opens a window: itSMFI continues admirable policy of communicating

The new Chair, David Cannon seems intent on telling us what's going on within itSMF International - this is a great development, long may it continue. Thank-you David. Today we have the first of what will hopefully continue to be regular bulletins, Board Talk ("under the Board Talk..."). Of course the IT Skeptic always finds a few points of interest.

The first one that caught my eye was the remark that itSMF's Vice Chair's first priority is to "exterminate the improper use of our brand name and logo". "Exterminate" is a strong word. As a defender of brand myself, I understand its importance. I also think of the dangers of the use of implements of extermination: there can be collateral damage. I just hope itSMF are discriminate in their actions and defend the brand only where it is in the interests of the itSMF community as a whole. Once again Real ITSM proves prophetic, as itSMF will "outsource these activities to a specialized firm." I will alert Lou and Stan immediately, so they can bid for the work. [From the book Introduction to Real ITSM, see the DespoITSM program]

Second of course is that the process of breaking the power of itSMFUK proceeds apace: "The first priority will be to evaluate the present Office Services agreement and propose improvements that better reflect the increased maturity of the organization and the desire for more independence from any individual chapter." First step was to get ownership of the trademark off them - done. Second is apparently to get the itSMFI administrative functions away from them too. The bookies are offering 1.125:1 odds on the next office being in the USA.

Finally, the itSMF is developing a catalogue of services. The cobbler's children get some shoes!

There is lots of other good stuff in there. I particularly like the sound of "the global
membership scheme" - where can we learn more about this? I see these developments as positive and look forward to the new team maintaining this momentum and rate of change.

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