Inconsistent within book

SD five or six elements?

Page 143 mentions the five elements within the framework are as follows:

However the book actually mentions 6:

1. Control

2. Plan

3. Implement

4. Evaluation (should be evaluate – see figure 4.26)

5. Maintain

6. Security governance

This would make the ISMS (figure 4.26) either incomplete or wrong

ITIL V3 Service Operation disconnect between Incident and Problem Management

There seems to be a major disconnect between ITIL V3 Incident and Problem Management.

Known Error sub-process

There are two references to Known error sub-process in the SO book.
For example Chapter 4 states:
Problem Management involves root-cause analysis ... and a Known Error sub-process to allow quicker diagnosis and resolution if
further incidents do occur.

In the Problem Management Process there is no reference to this sub-process and I cannot find the description anywhere.

CSI Model diagram

The CSI Model diagram on pages 15 (fig 2.3) and 30 (fig 3.2) both start with "What Is The Vision", followed by "Where Are We Now".

Page 163 of the same book has fig 8.4 also described as the CSI Model but without "What Is The Vision" step, starting instead with "Where Are We Now".

Clarification/justification required urgently as an exam question in V3 Foundation hinges on an understanding of what is the first step of the CSI Model.

Source: Robert Falkowitz on the itsmfi forum

Release management also defines release policy

Transition planning defines release policy [ST p 36], which makes sense. Release management [ST 4.4 p84] also defines release policy which makes less sense.

the new name for Configuration Management, SACM

the new name for Configuration Management, SACM appears only in the process itself. Not even the authors of other chapters in the same book are aware of the name change.

ST p223 CAB/EC to ECAB

The 'not-so-obvious' V2 abbreviation of CAB/EC (CAB Emergency committee) for the subset of CAB taking decisions on emergency changes is changed to EmergencyCAB or ECAB. No objections to that.

Note: Even I saw a question on this in the foundation paper regarding who authorizes emergency changes - where both the options were given!! If you missed this change in V3, you (I mean V2 aware people) can rest assured that you lost one mark!

Now about the inconsistency:

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