ST p223 CAB/EC to ECAB

The 'not-so-obvious' V2 abbreviation of CAB/EC (CAB Emergency committee) for the subset of CAB taking decisions on emergency changes is changed to EmergencyCAB or ECAB. No objections to that.

Note: Even I saw a question on this in the foundation paper regarding who authorizes emergency changes - where both the options were given!! If you missed this change in V3, you (I mean V2 aware people) can rest assured that you lost one mark!

Now about the inconsistency:
You will also find ECAB in the glossary of the same book. - You find it cleanly defined there (Page 233-ST Book -I am refering to pdf version)

Try finding the same in the list of Acronyms in the same book (Page 223)- Not there huh?

Now try for CAB/EC - Bingo... it is there!

So if you happen to miss this change from V2 to V3 and happened to see the acronym list(positively supported by your V2 knowledge), ITIL book reference provides you with a wrong answer in the ITIL Foundation exam!!

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