Continual Service Improvement

When does CSI begin? P.22

In section 2.4.9, the first paragraph on page 22 states "An IT organization does need to wait until a service or service management process is transitioned into the operation area to begin identifying improvement opportunities".

Obviously plain wrong and contradicted by the rest of CSI and common sense.

Proactive problem management description does not exist in V3

I found a beauty. Actually embarrassed I have not seen this earlier.

I was looking a V3 problem Management Graph and noticed that one of the inputs comes from proactive problem management which would indicate the proactive problem management is outside actual problem management. I tried to find more details and this is the result.

The SO book describes Proactive Problem Management (4.4.5, see also 4.4.7):

Proactive Problem Management which is initiated in Service Operation, but generally driven as part of Continual Service Improvement(see this publication for fuller details).

CSI Model diagram

The CSI Model diagram on pages 15 (fig 2.3) and 30 (fig 3.2) both start with "What Is The Vision", followed by "Where Are We Now".

Page 163 of the same book has fig 8.4 also described as the CSI Model but without "What Is The Vision" step, starting instead with "Where Are We Now".

Clarification/justification required urgently as an exam question in V3 Foundation hinges on an understanding of what is the first step of the CSI Model.

Source: Robert Falkowitz on the itsmfi forum

CSI p124 PIR belongs in 5.6.5

The heading ‘Post-Implementation Review’ and its following paragraph moved to page 125, to follow the paragraph ending ‘The proposed change is then scheduled as part of a release.’ i.e. this sub-section becomes part of section 5.6.5

CSI assorted editing errors refering to figure "below"

‘IT governance touches nearly every area detailed in the figure above.’ changed to ‘IT governance touches nearly every area detailed in Figure 3.7.’
5.2, Value of processes vs. maturity
of processes
In first paragraph, first sentence, ‘below’ deleted
5.2, Value of processes vs. maturity
of processes
In second paragraph, the first sentence amended to read:

CSI p162 figure is 8.3

In second paragraph of Communication transformation (right hand column), ‘The below figure’ changed to ‘Figure 8.3’

p61 "Security Management" should be title ?

p61 of CSI starts with a bullt point "Security Management" as if it were in the list which has started on p60., but in my opinion Security Management should be a new title (in italic) on the same level as Problem Management (p60).

1.4 does not scan

Section 1.4 second para doesn't read properly:

While analysing ways to improve services other opportunities the reader will learn techniques to improve their lifecycle practices of ...

It can be understood but there is an editorial error somewhere

paragraph 2.4.3 should be the value of the volume to the business

chapter 2 in each book should describe it from a volume perspective: Therefor paragraph 2.4.3 should be the value of the volume to the business... (see service design). In SO it is a generic value to the business. In SS it does not have the value to the business described. Better alignment between these values would be beneficial.

All books 2.2.1 repeats service definition

pure pedantry:

Chapter 2 is in all books (though with very subtle editorial differences).

2.2.1 the text at the start in a box defining a service is almost identical with the following paragraph - should have been edited?

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