Memo to itSMF: this is how you run an organisation

I've blogged before about how ISACA and itSMF are chalk and cheese and how this shouldn't be so - we could be brothers. I'm reminded of this again with ISACA's Invitation to Participate. itSMF members read it and weep.

New Zealand makes another positive contribution to itSMF International

Putting aside the IT Skeptic's role in itSMFI and Aiden Lawes recent barracking after many years as an itSMFI stalwart, Kiwis have always contributed more than our 2% of the world economy or under-half-a-percent of the world population. Continuing this tradition, itSMFI has appointed Kirstie Magowan as Chief Editor.

itSMF International needs to unite the ITIL community

itSMF International is creating a committee to improve the development of chapters. This is a Good Thing, great to see.

I humbly suggest that chapter development is just part of a bigger issue for itSMFI: chapter integration. This is the dead elephant in itSMF's room: the problem so big that everyone studiously ignores it.

APMG has our full support

I remember seeing an Aussie comedy TV show once (The Games as I recall?) where it suggested that a public statement by the Prime Minister that "So-and-so has our full support" meant they would be out within days. This memory came to me as I wondered why it was necessary for Keith Aldis, CEO itSMF, to come out with a press release to tell the world that “Real progress is being made in the development and implementation of ITIL V3 qualifications". A year and a half after go-live one would bloody hope so.

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