New Zealand makes another positive contribution to itSMF International

Putting aside the IT Skeptic's role in itSMFI and Aiden Lawes recent barracking after many years as an itSMFI stalwart, Kiwis have always contributed more than our 2% of the world economy or under-half-a-percent of the world population. Continuing this tradition, itSMFI has appointed Kirstie Magowan as Chief Editor.

It's a bit unclear amongst all the fine words exactly what the role entails, but one concrete detail is most welcome: establishing the itSMFI's academic journal. The journal has struggled for momentum so far. Hopefully Kirstie can take it to the next level and get it live.

What the recent announcement chooses not to reveal and the IT Skeptic can now exclusively disclose, is that Kirstie grows the best avocadoes anywhere.


Thanks for the positive feedback

Thanks for the comments....there is a lot of work ahead of me, and many challenges to face - but I am up for it! The Research Journal is high on the list of goals for the Chief Editor's role, so expect to see some positive movement on that front in the coming months. I am currently in information gathering mode, I don't want to make the mistake of thinking that I know what the industry wants from us on the publications front...I have many ideas, but will be actively seeking input and feedback to help build our new strategy.
BTW - if you are lucky I may very well be able to find a few avocados missed in the last pick to bring down to Wellington next month.

Bribery and corruption

I hope that isn't an attempt to buy Rob off with avocados ;-)

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