APMG has our full support

I remember seeing an Aussie comedy TV show once (The Games as I recall?) where it suggested that a public statement by the Prime Minister that "So-and-so has our full support" meant they would be out within days. This memory came to me as I wondered why it was necessary for Keith Aldis, CEO itSMF, to come out with a press release to tell the world that “Real progress is being made in the development and implementation of ITIL V3 qualifications". A year and a half after go-live one would bloody hope so.

"itSMF is pleased to see real progress being made by APMG and its partners... APMG ...is proving a very useful ally..."
Shades of "has our full support" eh?

How long is it since planning started for ITIL V3? I think it is fair to say that most of the planet thought qualifications would all be done and dusted by now, so one has to wonder why "real progress" is something worthy of positive note. As compared to what has been happening until recently, perhaps?

Is it in order to hose down some back-room power struggle to oust APMG? Conversely could it be a warning shot over APMG's bows? Or just for the hell of it?

We may never know (the IT Skeptic welcomes any insights), but it is a strange noise coming from Castle ITIL.


APMG has our full support

Your recent comments around why Keith Aldis is emphasising itSMF support for APMG/V3 Qualifications (even if it has or still is taking a long time to finalise the qualifications structure). Why is it so surprising that a global organisation like itSMF should support a globally recognised concept like ITIL (regardless of the version). Do not forget that the itSMF was set up (and still is) to support, develop and improve Service Management. Please not the deliberate dropping of the prefix "it". ITIL whether you like it or not, support it or not is still globally recognised as best practice for the provision, delivery and support of IT Services. The itSMF is a forum established by its members, run by its members for the benefit of its members. They are related but totally seperate.

itSMF exists - by its own charter - to promote SM

oh and by the way Dave, you appear to be still under the illusion that itSMF is about members. it is not at all. itSMF exists - by its own charter - to promote SM, i.e. the SM industry. it provides no professional development program for members (just ad hoc activities), no accreditation... I prefer to describe us as "subscribers" or "donors" rather than members. Not necessarily a bad thing, but let's be clear

as for the "IT" in itSMF it is lower case because they tried to drop it previously and a significant portion of the power structure couldn't deal with that. the itSMFI website still says "itSMF® International is a not-for-profit organisation and a prominent player in the on-going development and promotion of IT Service Management "best practice", standards and qualifications. "

quite a positive spin

Hi Dave

I don't think you get my point.

I am an active member of itSMF. i know exactly what it is for, and have blogged on it extensively here over the years.

I'm not surprised by the support. I'm surprised that out of the blue after 18 months, itSMF pop up to say "things are going quite well". Not to note any special event or milestone, just to say something that...um.. is quite a positive spin on the situation.

They have a 100.000 sterlingly good reasons

Sorry, Sterlingly is probably not English but check this old news: http://www.apmgroupltd.com/PressCentre/APMGitSMF.asp

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