What to think of the ISACA acquisition of CMMI?

I'm not sure what to think of ISACA's acquisition of the CMMI Institute. I don't see it addressing their major issue of failure to expand constituency. What are your views?

ISACA Bylaws change 2015

Rumblings of dissent over ISACA internal governance? Say it ain't so.

ISACA's strategy and missed opportunity

is ISACA missing its window of opportunity to own the IT practices space? To be THE body of knowledge, the one ring to rule them all...

Does ISACA offer value to its real members?

ISACA's membership is - reportedly - no longer dominated by security and audit folks. ISACA has a new constituency: the general IT practitioner. Supposedly ISACA wants to align its culture with that new audience, and COBIT 5 is built to be useful in all contexts.

So why aren't we seeing any change? Read the ISACA journal, go to events... the security and audit themes predominate.

I know it takes a long time to change culture but its five years now since ISACA first talked about this.

ISACA can rescue itSMF

itSMF International is broken. At a chapter level itSMF is just fine in a number of countries. What we need is an international federation mechanism driven by a healthy organisation. Ooh wait, ISACA has one of those. And ISACA's problem is a failure to cater for general IT practitioners at a conference and local level. Sounds like a marriage made in heaven to me: could ISACA save itSMF?

Two new heads

No that isn't a reference to a hillbilly's baby. We've seen two announcements this past week of people heading up organisations owning major bodies of knowledge: the Capita ITIL-PRINCE2 JV, and ISACA. Somewhat of a contrast.

ISACA's long cultural road

Will ISACA ever shed the audit-and-security culture and embrace a more general IT practitioner orientation as hinted by Lynn Lawton four years ago now?

Can COBIT ever be more than a sideshow if they don't? No.

Where's the COBIT 5 training?

Here we go again. COBIT 5 is hot: the industry itches to get using it. APMG is signed up to roll out the training programme. The ITIL V3 training courses faced a similar situation a few years back. The ITIL training courses (also administered by APMG) came out later than promised, much to the frustration of an industry busting to put it to work. Now we see the same thing again with COBIT 5. Rattle your dags, ISACA and APMG!

ISACA appoints Australian president

Following on from a Kiwi Chair of itSMF International, an Aussie takes the helm at ISACA. Australasians rock.

Breaking news: APMG to accredit COBIT5 training industry. Fort COBIT?

In a press release today, ISACA announced

Four new COBIT 5 training courses will be launched over the next five months as the result of a new partnership between ISACA and APMG-International.

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