The Wright Cycle

Before there was RealIT, there was realitsm ("realism"), a spoof on ITSM. Here, from the book Introduction to Real ITSM, is the Wright Cycle:

Real ITSM released in Russian

Some readers may be aware that the IT Skeptic authored a satirical book Introduction to Real ITSM several years ago. If you haven't seen it, go check it out at - most folks think it funny.

The guys at Cleverics in Moscow thought it was funny enough to translate it into Russian and make it available to clients and public. They launched the Russian translation on April 1st (an appropriate date and no this isn't an April Fool). I sent them a message of congratulation:

Incidents overwhelm problems

Problems suffer from the important/urgent dilemma. They are very important but struggle to get attention in the less mature shops over the incoming bombardment of incidents.

This is over simplistic but cute

Contingency planning

As the recession deepens, perhaps we need to lighten up some and make sure we don't over-spend on risk mitigation.

Real ITSM group on LinkedIn

itSMFI are celebrating their 1000th LinkedIn group member (congratulations Sue!). Real ITSM is of course much more important to the industry so surely we can get the Real ITSM group to 100 members? Currently we are at 78. If everyone who isn't a member joins and everyone who is invites one friend along we'll blow the 100 easily.

Real ITSM user priority

As we said before, Real ITSM does things differently to, say, ITIL. Readers may recall that Real Priority (also known as Care Factor) is measured by the number of metaphorical fans that are being hit by effluent: it starts at zero and goes up. More conventionally, Real ITSM also tracks a separate User Priority (also known as the Dummy Factor, for the number of dummies being spat).

Special price for you my friend

Looking for something as a Christmas present for an ITSM geek? Tough isn't it? How about a copy of Introduction to Real ITSM, the IT Skeptic's reportedly funny spoof on the whole ITSM world? To help you weather the recession, the price of the book is reduced to $19 for the next four weeks. Merry Christmas!

Real ITSM priority starts at zero and goes up

Why do most incident priority systems go from 4 (low) to 1 (high)?
What does zero mean? What does 5 mean?
Just when you thought you had seen the worst thing that can go wrong, something comes along that makes all past priority 1 incidents look mild. How can you communicate this?

Introduction to Real ITSM, the new ITSM body of knowledge from the IT Skeptic

Overwhelmed by ITIL V3? In order to make your ITSM life easier, the IT skeptic has created a body of knowledge (BOK) called Real ITSM and the associated philosophy of Realitsm. The official Introduction to Real ITSM introduces Realitsm to the world!
Making IT Real. Get Real.

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