Real ITSM released in Russian

Some readers may be aware that the IT Skeptic authored a satirical book Introduction to Real ITSM several years ago. If you haven't seen it, go check it out at - most folks think it funny.

The guys at Cleverics in Moscow thought it was funny enough to translate it into Russian and make it available to clients and public. They launched the Russian translation on April 1st (an appropriate date and no this isn't an April Fool). I sent them a message of congratulation:

(My wife doubles up in laughter every time she sees this - sound not required)

and then part 2...

Thanks again to Oleg and Roman for all their hard work. It is a buzz to have a work available in Russian!

Buy Introduction to Real ITSM in Russian here

And here is the link to the comprehensive book description in Russian, or so we're told.


Oh yes, this event was real.

Oh yes, this event was real. Despite a funny introduction, the discussions which followed were quite serious. We had around 100 delegates, which is not that bad for a country with bears on the streets :-)

A short report is available here - (yes, it's in Russian).


Russian version fo RealITSM book disadvantages English...

I wish to register another complaint.

It is my understanding that the modern Russian alphabet contains 33 characters (for those who don't track this - we still have only 26 in our one last I counted). Now I am not sure why, perhaps its proportional to the sobriety test required by police given the impervious-ness of Russians to alcohol compared with others? Anyway, like encryption - I feel we need some disclosure here from the Skep as to what characters were used and not used to ensure equivalency. Were any non English alphabet characters used - and if so where and why? Were these synchronized with the qualification scheme? Does Russia now represent an advantage? Do I need to buy a copy and learn Russian to stay equivalent?

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