The Wright Cycle

Before there was RealIT, there was realitsm ("realism"), a spoof on ITSM. Here, from the book Introduction to Real ITSM, is the Wright Cycle:


the Real ITSM Wright Cycle is available now on shirts and mugs. The perfect ITSM conversation piece.

Readers of the official Introduction to Real ITSM will recall that it advises:
Prohibit continual improvement. Once a system is barely adequate, leave it alone. Its life expectancy is short so why invest in optimising something that will be torn down soon enough? Any Real change that does happen is to be based on the Wright Cycle of Guess-Do-Crash-Fix (named for the Wright Brothers, who crashed many an airplane before they got one off the ground.).

You will also note it is not circular, so it is going to be a bumpy ride. And that it is tumbling down the hill not struggling up it.

Now you can display the Wright Cycle diagram on your shirt or coffee mug so that you may conveniently explain it as required.

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