Introduction to Real ITSM, the new ITSM body of knowledge from the IT Skeptic

Overwhelmed by ITIL V3? In order to make your ITSM life easier, the IT skeptic has created a body of knowledge (BOK) called Real ITSM and the associated philosophy of Realitsm. The official Introduction to Real ITSM introduces Realitsm to the world!
Making IT Real. Get Real.

Funnier than ITIL!

Easier than COBIT!

Quicker than ISO20000!

More fun than Six Sigma!

Real ITSM!

Making IT Real again.

The new Service Management framework that is sweeping the IT industry is Real ITSM. By aligning closely with the way real IT shops run the business today, Real ITSM minimises the cost and impact of change when you adopt this new framework.

This is the only authorised Real ITSM body of knowledge, protected by TradeMark, Copyright and the very ugly DespoITSM Program. If you want Real IT Service Management you are going to have to buy the book.


Skills of the debt collectors

Did Lou and Stan get adequate training in kneecapping? This is a much needed skill to have in their particular service management area. And it ensures a high level of security for the client, especially if they have the proper social skills that go along (Bullying and Intimidation 101 is only two days training, plus half a day for the certification exam at out company).

defined documented repeatable process

Lou and Stan have a defined documented repeatable process for knee-capping, with clearly assigned roles and tightly controlled tools (proscribed actually). Some of their international subsidiaries have local variants, but all certified to the relevant national standards.

Will there be a sample

Will there be a sample chapter (or something like that) available so that we can check before buying?

Samples from the Real ITSM book

Hi Radovan. Good question. Yes there is a fifteen-page sample on Lulu. In addition, you can find numerous extracts on the Real ITSM site, especially starting here.

Now I am lost. Is this

Now I am lost. Is this supposed to be a parody or description of how it's usually done meant to be (an indirect) guide on how not to do it?

current Worst Practice

Yup. For those with English as a second language, Real ITSM is a spoof. A joke. It pokes fun at existing deficiencies. It can be regarded as an assemblage of current Worst Practice :-D Along the way it also has a pretty hefty dig at ITIL too, trying to pop the hype bubble.

With, I hope, a few thought-stimulating ideas in it too

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