Real ITSM user priority

As we said before, Real ITSM does things differently to, say, ITIL. Readers may recall that Real Priority (also known as Care Factor) is measured by the number of metaphorical fans that are being hit by effluent: it starts at zero and goes up. More conventionally, Real ITSM also tracks a separate User Priority (also known as the Dummy Factor, for the number of dummies being spat).

Many calls are priority zero. The drek isn’t flying. Because users seem to have an aversion to being told this, Real ITSM tracks Real Priority (what IT thinks it is) and User Priority (what the user thinks it is). These often have an inverse relationship.
“Yes sir, we understand that you see this as a Priority 7 and we are [substitute fabrication here]”.

Seriously, it is most important to understand the user's priority as distinct from how the organisation sees it. ITIL understands this but I can't say every Service Desk I ever met did.

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