Copyright issues when using ITIL at the coalface

Axelos are shooting themselves in the foot by constraining consultants' use of ITIL.

TSO embraces open public information

I like to think I'm skeptical not cynical but some days it's tough. This latest initiative from TSO, OpenUp, has got me (and others) plunging into cynicism.

Is TSO operating without a license to enforce copyright for PRINCE2?

Is a British Government website inaccurate or is APMG TSO operating without a license?

OGC stay one step ahead of government policy in their commercialisation of ITIL. Better news for PRINCE2

Playing "bush lawyer", I have been tracking down the terms under which OGC control the copyright to ITIL (discussed here recently). And it makes an interesting little story: ITIL was almost free. And I think maybe PRINCE2 is.

ITIL intellectual property

OGC recently published a brochure describing their intellectual property rights over ITIL. Please do not rely on that document to guide your decisions on usage of ITIL.

Acend Corporate Learning systematically plagiarises copyright content

[Update: Late 2010 and Acend are still at it. No ethics.]

Many of us break the law. I drive too fast. Years ago I smoked some things, and I inhaled. And so on. But when someone does something that they are supposed to be defending against, it doubly stings: crooked cops, killer doctors, dangerous pilots, ambulances that crash... (stupid educators - oops a favourite theme but off topic). What are we to make of a company whose livelihood is their intellectual property, who then set out to systematically rip off the property of others, and blatantly too? But that is what Acend Corporate Learning of Toronto appears to have done. They should know better.

Sad news: I've been ripped off by a major vendor

It genuinely makes the IT Skeptic sorry to say that a major ITSM content vendor has seemingly stolen my content. This kind of thing shouldn't happen. Be aware that Two Hills actively polices our intellectual property and will aggressively defend it.

The IT Skeptic does not condone IP theft

The IT Skeptic has zero tolerance for copyright violation. It is theft, pure and simple. On the other hand we support fair use. Almost all theft online is clearly not fair use.

When the IT Skeptic was made aware that posted links to free ITIL exams were in fact copyright violators, we acted quickly to take them down. It's scum like that who give we MFAs a bad name.

ITIL is copyright: use of quotations and extracts

Since I had it wrong in my own mind, I thought I'd clarify the terms of use of ITIL as a copyrighted work.

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