Imagine bringing humanity to work

Imagine a workplace where you can bring your whole authentic self to work: where you don't have to hide your beliefs or your sexuality or your ethics.

Imagine a workplace where the same standards of social interaction apply as anywhere else, where any behaviour that is unacceptable in any other social context is also unacceptable at work, such as shouting, bullying, patronizing.

Integrity and ethics in IT

IT is not an intellectual puzzle put there for you to show how clever you are, divorced from the social and moral implications of your work.

I've blogged on personal accountability before:

Personal integrity and morality in IT

Who do you work for? What does your employer ask of you? Are you comfortable with the social consequences of what you do? Most of us deal with ethical challenges when working in IT. The question is how well we do so. We are not just guardians of information: we are also at the centre of the operation of most organisations. A lot more than data flows past us and we enable a lot more than just transactions. In what we do and what we see, we are answerable to our own personal morality as we shape the new society.

Acend Corporate Learning systematically plagiarises copyright content

[Update: Late 2010 and Acend are still at it. No ethics.]

Many of us break the law. I drive too fast. Years ago I smoked some things, and I inhaled. And so on. But when someone does something that they are supposed to be defending against, it doubly stings: crooked cops, killer doctors, dangerous pilots, ambulances that crash... (stupid educators - oops a favourite theme but off topic). What are we to make of a company whose livelihood is their intellectual property, who then set out to systematically rip off the property of others, and blatantly too? But that is what Acend Corporate Learning of Toronto appears to have done. They should know better.

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