OGC stay one step ahead of government policy in their commercialisation of ITIL. Better news for PRINCE2

Playing "bush lawyer", I have been tracking down the terms under which OGC control the copyright to ITIL (discussed here recently). And it makes an interesting little story: ITIL was almost free. And I think maybe PRINCE2 is.

If it is on the website go for it

You may re-use material appearing on the OGC Website providing your re-use is in accordance with the waiver notice

...but all the good ITIL stuff is on separate sites administered by TSO and APMG

In general, OGC material may be re-used under a free licence:

If the material is not value added we classify it as "core, PSI" information for which you will require a PSI licence. This licence is free and allows you to use PSI Crown copyright material from OGC as well as other Government departments.

...but ITIL has been classified as value-added.

But hey! great news!

In line with government policy it has been decided to allow most information produced by government departments and agencies to be re-used free of charge. Therefore, with effect from 1 December 2009 OPSI will no longer be issuing any Value Added Licences. Most information that was previously regarded as value added can now be re-used under the PSI Click-Use Licence [that's the free one].

... except that there are exemptions for the Information Fair Trader Scheme.

Some government departments have delegated authority from the Controller of HMSO to license the re-use of the Crown copyright material which they originate. IFTS Accreditation is used as the method of regulating decisions about the licensing of Crown copyright information by those bodies.

...so I bet you think OGC is registered eh? Well no actually. But...

The Controller of HMSO has also granted limited delegations to parts of government departments which have responsibility for specialised forms of licensing activity. These organisations undergo the IFTS Online Assessed process rather than IFTS Accreditation.

...and OGC has a delegation.

But OGC has delegation to license only one specific type of information... and it is - yes you guessed it - "IT Infrastructure Library Framework".

I suppose that is good news for PRINCE2 users. "Value-add" copyright or not, my amateur lawyering seems to imply that all other OGC work is now available for re-use under a free licence obtainable here. But not ITIL.


APMG Lock?


How do you see the APMG statement fitting into things here....

Overview of the APM Group Licensing Process

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