ITIL Version 3 certification: free ITIL V3 Foundation practice exams

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[Updated 24/6/2018]

Here are eight six seven eight seven eight nine ten eleven twelve eleven seven eightsources of free ITIL Version 3 (2011) practice exams to help you on your quest for ITIL Foundations certification. The IT Skeptic has worked through most of them but we make no comment on the quality of the questions - evaluating that for yourself is part of the exercise.

Please leave a comment or contact me if you want to discuss any question you are not sure of. Unlike some of the forums, this site tends to attract some pretty experienced ITIL people who can hopefully help you out.

ITIL 2007 vs 2011
The original ITIL V3 came out in 2011. A revision came out in 2011. All ITIL exams are against the 2011 syllabus and books.

I have a hunch the syllabus has changed less than the books have. Anyway, most 2007 study materials will still be good enough. The 2007 exams still make good practice materials. None(???) of the 2007 questions will be wrong in 2011.

ITIL V3 2011 exams:

  1. The official ITIL sample papers
    from the owners of ITIL (login required)
  2. CertBest
  3. An Android app
    from Rye Technology with free ITIL 2011 exam, for those of us cool enough to use Droid
  4. and an Apple version
    also from Rye Technology , for those iCandy people
  5. PM Web
    No fuss access but only 8 questions
  6. Quizlet
    Not in the same format as ITIL exams but looks like a useful learnign resource
    And another Quizlet here.
  7. ITSM Online
    A free demo of their paid service: 10 questions with interactive explanation of answers, or SAME 10 questions in exam mode
  8. SimpliLearn/a>

and when you are done with them, buy the official ITIL Version 3 Foundation study book Passing Your Itil Foundation Exam (now updated to 2011). It's cheap. You might also consider Passing the ITIL Foundation Exam: 2011 Edition from Van Haren.

There are also hordes of ITIL V3 sample exams for sale, from eBay piracy dirt to some startlingly expensive options. Caveat emptor.

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You might also like Introduction To Real ITSM, my satirical book on ITSM, which includes a twisted ITSM exam. Folks seem to find it funny.

Here's a sample:

2) Which of the following is not the opposite of not being unresponding to a user’s failure to call the Service Desk?
a) not calling the user
b) not failing to call the user
c) not calling not the user
d) not the opposite of not calling someone other than the user

9) How many Service Desk staff does it take to change a light-bulb?
a) None. Restoration of service is a Level 1 Support function
b) None. It is a hardware problem – call the vendor
c) None. It requires a Change to change
d) None. They haven’t been on the training course

11) If a business unit attempts to set up their own IT function, what should a Real IT department do?
a) Explain the risks and inefficiencies of decentralised IT and reason with them
b) Escalate to the executive level to get the idea squashed
c) Do nothing and await the inevitable disaster
d) Source the equipment for them and take a kickback from the vendors


I`ve just got it!

Thanks a lot for your help in passing my Exam! Your site and links to free ITIL test exams was very useful. I did 85%!

I cleared ITIL V3 foundation

I cleared ITIL V3 foundation with 90% .Thanks for guidance and mock test links.
Read a book twice just to be sure ( Foundations of IT service management by
Brady Ornad kindle edition < $10 )

Passed ITIL with 80%

This is a excellent blog to pass out ITIL v3 Foundation certification. The practice test links are ok and I like to add another link with 350 Q&A.

hey can you provide the link

hey can you provide the link with 350 Q&A. I'm about to do the V3 Foundation exam on Friday, any tips that you can give would be greatly appreciated.

Just Past ITIL Thanks IT Skeptic

Just score 95% on ITIL exam! Did all the practice exams you mention and borrowed an ITIL v3 pocket book of a friend, which I ready and re-read each day on the train for a couple of weeks.

Can remember if you mention the following website;-

But the free itil overview course is useful (I didn't bother paying for the whole course!).

Can't believe that almost all the jobs I look at ask for this qualification!

Thank you

Excellent reference page. Very helpful, concise and relevant. My exam is tomorrow - I feel much better prepared after reviewing the links on this page.
Thanks for your community-mindedness.

One more for your list!

Here's a link to a FREE, full-length, timed, graded, etc. online ITIL v3 Foundation practice exam. This one has a pool of 100 questions delivered in randomly generated batches of 40.

There you'll also find a full length ITIL v3 Foundation study guide and an online ITIL glossary of terms.

The questions were originally authored (e.g. not in violation of OGC IP) by professional instructors with extremely high pass rates (95%+) who have experience delivering ITIL classes to thousands of students. The feedback we get from most students is that these questions are helpful, but slightly easier than the real ones.


comment removed

I'ved removed an allegation against a training provider just while I check facts, since the allegation came from another training provider :-D

It's another case of IPR ignored...

I took a quick look at the first two websites and as expected these are the official APMG ITIL V3 Foundation practice exam papers that are issued to Authorised Trainer Organisations (ATOs) to use on courses as practice exams for their delegates. They are clearly marked as "copyright APMG" and "not to be copied or sold without permission" but in today's "free-online" world that seems to have no significance any longer, unless of course APMG starts to take legal action like the music industry did not so long ago :-(

better hope APMG didn't give permission

better hope APMG didn't give permission (VERY unlikely) as my complaint has resulted in the site being taken down immediately. Excellent work!

The IT Skeptic does not condone IP theft

Thankyou for the alert. I have removed the links.

I have informed APMG (and I have complained to the web host). We will see if we can get this site taken down.

i'm not an ATO, I don't have access to these papers. Can someone check this one please Also check it against the Passing Your ITIL Exam book - I don't have a copy right now.

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