What do we need for CMDB besides a data model?

Hi Wiz

Within the server team we had a brainstorming session and came up with a smokin' data model for our CMDB. It caters for virtualization and everything else important.

Is there anything else we need to consider before we build it? We're thinking MySQL, right?


Dear ITIL Boy

You're on it dude. Not much else to worry about now. You've got the tool, the metadata. Give some thought to advanced visualization so you can walk the data to find out - for example - what servers might be impacted by a switch outage.

Then load 'er up (I use a freeware SMTP ping logger) and you'll have yourself a CMDB. Try to keep it current OK?

Good luck
The ITIL Wizard



you MUST have some kind of 3D visualization tool, 2D was so DirectX8...

without this you will not be able to get a true 30,000ft view of your entire environment, and without that what's the point?

also make sure you map every tcp connection on every device, you never know when that information might be useful.

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