Imagine bringing humanity to work

Imagine a workplace where you can bring your whole authentic self to work: where you don't have to hide your beliefs or your sexuality or your ethics.

Imagine a workplace where the same standards of social interaction apply as anywhere else, where any behaviour that is unacceptable in any other social context is also unacceptable at work, such as shouting, bullying, patronizing.

Playing a piano is easy

Playing the piano is easy.
The keys are in order and easy to reach.
All you do is memorise which keys make what notes, then play them in the order written on the sheet.
- Randall Munroe in his new book How To.

When I tweeted this, and followed up with

    That's a complete set of operational instructions for the piano.

The work Renaissance

As everybody is surely aware by now, big things are afoot in how we think about work and management. Agile has spilled out of IT into the enterprise. Complex systems theory is finally shifting how we think. Safety culture is revealing the value in failure. Less widely known (yet), Open culture is flipping the hierarchy.

Kill the ticket

I really like the "kill the ticket" movement in DevOps. (hat tip to Damon Edwards). A ticket means a work record in a tool like Remedy or Service Now to represent an incident, problem, change request, defect....

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