Uber, big brother, and company use of big data

There's social privacy (hiding from the state) and personal privacy (hiding from your neighbours). Where do corporations fit in?

Tracking citizens

Wanting to be off-grid reflects more on the individual than on the society they are in.

Privacy is not dead, just becoming impossible

The connectedness of the internet restores the community's ability to observe and moderate behaviour for our own protection. Terrorism and the rise of anti-social behaviours makes this imperative. Anonymity and privacy were an accident of history when the size of communities grew faster than our ability to keep them connected. That has changed now. Privacy is becoming impossible again, whether we like it or not.

The IT Skeptic blog is about debating ideas not personalities

We saw an extraordinary venting of bile on this blog yesterday by an anonymous visitor I label Stone-caster. Normally I would ignore it, but it makes accusations of hypocrisy and dishonesty that I feel should be addressed.

I reproduce it in full:

Why the IT Skeptic abandoned blogger anonymity

The IT Skeptic has decided to abandon anonymity on this blog.

Why did the IT Skeptic choose to be anonymous?

1) I can comment without restraints that might be imposed by other roles I perform in my profession

2) I can avoid nasty emails and heated debates at conferences and meetings. I imagine my physical safety could be an issue with a few of the comments I have made

3) it's fun

The IT Skeptic has dropped anonymity: identity revealed

Yup. It is time to drop the veil of anonymity. While it was a good idea at the start of this blog it is becoming a constraint.

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