Don't do it here

There used to be a post here being very rude about a UK training company, because I was annoyed by one mindless comment-spam from them (and a crappy post that the spam was pimping).

After an email from the company explaining that the person

...who submitted the comment (and the article - which was very poorly
written and irrelevant to your post), has only been with the organisation a
short time - he had been tasked with raising the profile of our new ITIL
site. He took it upon himself to submit this comment without running it by

A tragic piece of spam

I got a piece of spam today that staggered me with its stupidity, before it gave me a good chuckle. It's bad enough to share.

comment spammers

If the people from N* S* comment-spam my site again I will respond with a vendor roast.

It is unethical to comment-spam unpaid advertising for a commercial vendor (twice within an hour!). It is also stupid. You think I would leave it there?

In the event that you have paid some SEO consultant to pimp your site, please fire him - he's pathetic. [Update: the comments are coming from an Indian ISP so I suspect that is the case]

What a drag spammers are

I was just about to delete the two hundred and second bit of spam commenting when I thought: no, let the folks see this crap.

So look at this [Oops accidentally deleted it. You'll have to take my word for it]. Illiterate. Useless. Insultingly stupid. I clean this stuff up regularly like puppy piddle.

My first ITIL spam. ITSM is going to the dogs.

As one more item in the growing pile of evidence that the ITIL community has become the ITIL industry - that professional decorum is giving way to avarice - I just received my first ITIL spam. Whilst it makes a change from modifying my reproductive capabilities, it is none the less spam, and the fact that it comes from a reputable company is all the more disappointing.

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