Ructions in Castle ITIL over Licensed Software Assessors for the ITIL Software Scheme?

Idly browsing the other day in another context, I noticed a most peculiar omission on the "ITIL Official Website" (that always strikes me as such a pompous name)...

A little background for readers who came in recently: once upon a time a most enterprising ex-BMC chap named Ken Turbitt produced a set of criteria for evaluating software products against ITIL. He flogged the concept to OGC, who agreed to accredit an Official certification scheme. After a most interesting series of plot twists we ended up with Ken's company SMCG and Pink Elephant as the two official assessors of software products for OGC's ITIL Software Scheme.

Lo and behold, I'm on the ITIL Official Website the other day and SMCG has disappeared from the list of Licensed Software Assessors. Only Pink remains. Curiosity piqued, I popped over to SCMG's website, to find on the homepage:

SMCG has resigned from the OGC Software Assessment Service and no longer provides this service. Changes made by the accreditation provider has altered our original purpose and goal in developing the service and made it unworkable for SMCG to be a part of.

Certainly sounds like a snit to me or as my Aussie mates would say, the dummy has been spat.

Lips are sealed and doors are closed and nobody is letting on, but clearly there has been ructions in one corridor of Castle ITIL, with the scheme's "creator" dropping out in a huff. OGC just can't keep it all discretely behind closed doors can they?

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