Regional ITIL Foundation certifications

Dear Mr Wizard

Does the steps shown here, cover the ITIL foundations exam in Canada. Please advise


Dear Visitor

That is a very astute and interesting question. Not many people are aware of the regional variations in the ITIL Foundation exams - it is a closely guarded secret.

But clearly when one thinks about it (as you obviously have Visitor), regionalisation of exams is essential. For example, as you point out the Canadian exam questions are entirely different. Not only do they all end with "eh?" but the questions are all based on hunting themes or the properties of ice.

Likewise the US exams don't require any reading comprehension skills above K-12, the British exams are secret even when sitting them, and the German exam questions each have 17 answers all slightly different. The French exams insult the reader, the Australian exams are in slang, Indian exams can be outsourced, and so on...

But yes Visitor you can relax. I wrote those Foundation exam-passing tips to be internationally relevant. No regional prejudices here.

Good luck with the exam! I'm sure someone as sharp as you will romp in

The ITIL Wizard


Dear Wizard To complete the

Dear Wizard

To complete the french part of your comment, be aware that french exam attendees are also insulting the exam, the examinator, the ITIL books...



ITIL® Foundation Online

Here's one for you: what if a Canadian is traveling abroad (eh...) in Germany for a British company that employs French and Australian consultants, and this person would like to partner up with an Indian colleague to take a US based online ITIL® certification course?

Don't pay too much for online Foundation training

Simple. I'd tell him to save his $2280 and do it for near enough to free

You forgot the dutch exams......... forgot the dutch exams ..........or maybe not.........they are still arguing over who owns the pencil on the desk and if you can smoke during the exam.

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