Internet, I Gave You All The Best Years Of My Life

I recently had to reiterate that there is no money in this blog. Not yet, not for want of trying but see my latest article on IT Career Planet for a skeptical view of getting rich on the internet. I haven't given up yet but I have no illusions about the odds.

"The world is full of those chasing fame and fortune on the Internet. The glittering lures of e-commerce, Adsense and cult hero-dom draw them from far and wide, looking for easy money, good hours and groupies. It is not like that... Thousands of aspirants risk their time and money each month chasing success and almost all of them lose. "

As I said in the recent comment, last month I made US$20.63 on Amazon . I'm not in this blog for the money, just for finding a path to the money... and for the satisfaction.


Skep.. Are you guilty of

Skep.. Are you guilty of have an underpants gnome business plan ?

The most popular business plan of the Internet Economy and now the most popular for the Free and Open Source Movement..

In reality the most successful model is build, grow and sell.. Find something that will value add a cash rich company, but they cannot possibly develop because of the unknown demand and return on investment. Build it and drive adoption.. Then sell it to the company or IPO it.. Still a popular business model..

Brad Vaughan

Yup, you nailed it. But see

Yup, you nailed it.

But see also my rock-n-roll model for the internet in that article. Still trying to find that smash hit.

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