OGC rebranding comes apart, so to speak

Here at the IT Skeptic website we try to maintain the highest standards of decency and decorum but this one is irresistable. For your amusement, the less easily offended readers should read on. The Register reported last month that OGC's proposed new logo had run into problems.

OGC logo

Printed on a mousepad, the logo can be viewed from different angles, which is where the problem came up, as it were.

Slower readers may find this link of assistance in grabbing the concept.

OGC haven't rebranded yet. The web is abuzz with the story and the mousepads are predicted to be hot items on eBay.

While everyone is mocking OGC, it is the marketing firm FHD that "came up" with the logo who should be embarassed. What dick-heads.


OGC's new logo

OGC have bravely gone ahead and rebranded with their new logo. What a thick skin. They must see it coming.

What's the problem???


If you look at the logo properly, it certainly seems as though OGC has "a grip on the situation". I'd say that all is "well in hand". LOL



FHD is looking for a new Director of Brand Consultancy - coincidence?

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