The IT Skeptic's first public appearance: "The most unbalanced team you can currently find…"

After several other opportunities fell through in 2007, the IT Skeptic will finally appear in public for the first time. I have of course spoken in public in other lives, but the first presentation by my alter ego The IT Skeptic will be at the Best Practices in IT Management conference in the Netherlands on April 22nd this year.

Billed along with Ian Clayton, Brian Johnson and Paul Wilkinson, we are described as "The most unbalanced team you can currently find…"

I hope I can meet you there!


That's a strong lineup

I know Ian Clayton and Brian Johnson well. Great guys with a lot to share about IT service management.

Ian and I will have to get a conference going here in San Diego - along with the HP Service Management Center development staff and the Service-Now staff we should be able to create a reason to come to our little beach community.

Should be a very strong panel.

Too bad I'll have to miss it.

Will look forward to meeting

Will look forward to meeting you. I have been asked over to speak on one of the Tuesday sessions.

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