Life beyond ITIL

Sorry about the lack of heavy entries lately folks - a trifle busy right now. I'll get time to work on "living without CMDB" soon I promise.

The observant ones amongst you will note the banner at the top has changed from "the ITIL Skeptic" to "the IT Skeptic". I'll gradually change the name everywhere. This move was inspired by Web 2.0. I decided Web 2.0 involves too much silliness for the Skeptic to resist. I had already been itching to have a go at SOA and other targets but Web 2.0 was the last straw.

So I'll take ITIL skepticism as far as I can, then we'll move on to other pastures. Drop a comment here please if you can suggest any green fields for the Skeptic once ITIL has been grazed over.

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