Service Gap Model

The service gap model is based on the model as described in the book Delivering Quality Service by Valerie Zeithaml, ISBN 0 02 935701- 2
I use this service gap model on a regular basis, but always with the reference. Although the model is slightly adapted I think it is close enough to attribute to the authors of Delivering Quality Service Book.

If I missed the reference in the book - I apologize


Think this was actually from a paper

The gap model was originally published prior to the book in
Communication and Control Processes in the Delivery of Service Quality
Valarie A. Zeithaml, Leonard L. Berry, A. Parasuraman
Journal of Marketing, Vol. 52, No. 2 (Apr., 1988), pp. 35-48

To my knowledge the model is pretty well known (it is referred to in a number of service management and service quality books). Therefore more than agree on the "someone should have put a reference to it" if its missing.

It is from a paper but why are you surprised?

The authors of the CSI book should have acknowledged Zeithaml and Parasuraman. What were they thinking? That model is everywhere in service marketing literature. Perhaps they didn't think their audience in the ITSM world reads academic papers and textbooks!!! :-)

But I am not surprised. I have seen for example a poster from a company called Marval that used James Heskett's Service-Profit Chain model in its entirety but with absolutely no attribution. I've also seen this happen in conference presentations.

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