A hot-potato ITIL Refresh session at upcoming bITa USA conference

Now here is a conference session the IT Skeptic would love to attend: "Can’t Speak Won’t Speak – ITILv3 "!

The upcoming bITa USA conference in Boston includes some interesting-looking sessions but none appeals to the IT Skeptic quite the way John Gilbert's one does! Entitled "Can’t Speak Won’t Speak – ITILv3 – Am subject to a Non Disclosure Agreement" the abstract reads (I hope bITa won't mind me quoting in full):

John was a member of the ITIL® refresh IAG. Unlike many other members John was concerned and expressed and escalated his concerns, but because of a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) he has not been allowed to voice them openly. John will tell all he can, but is of course subject to the NDA, so he will not comment directly upon the feelings of the IAG on the quality of the books, on the IAG reviews, nor talk about the authors and how well suited, prepared and qualified for the job they were. Nor will he talk about the way the funds the OGC invested in brining together the team and in communications. Nor will he cover any other areas for which lessons should have been learned from the ITILv2 books, nor comment on the way the OGC and its commercial partners the TSO and APMG behave. Indeed this is such a boring subject and John will say nothing – so please don’t come to this stream. ITIL is a critical part of BITA. As a consequence, never again must the IT management community find themselves engrossed in the development of best practice where for commercial interests an NDA blocks proper and open discussion on the quality of the approach and the resulting product.

Mmmmm.... spicey! I guess over time the real story will come out of what the advisors and reviewers thought and said, as bit by bit the facts leak around the curtain of NDA thrown up by secret-squirrel OGC.


The bITaUSA Conference has been cancelled

Shame - I'd have loved to hear this session ...


With the incredible competition in the ITIL/Service Management conference space coming into prominence, coupled with [THIS POST HAS BEEN EDITED TO COMPLY WITH THE TERMS OF USE OF THIS WEBSITE][here is the removed text, restored:] the ITSMFUSA'S emerging voting scandal during the last board election, can the ITSMFUSA survive? Will the large US corporations supporting their employees on a tarnished board continuing their support?[End of removed text]

Tic Tock

[Here is what was removed, restored:]
Have you noticed that the ITSMFUSA doesn't seem to know where it's going lately? Is it coincidence or by plan? Ask yourself, what company or director has the most to gain here? With the soon to be released voting irregularities in the last board election (yes, the voting dBase was hacked), and DOJ's interest in these large sponsors, it may be time to distance oneself. Will the big name employers of those board members want to be associated with pay-for-play board, especially after ones recent exposure in the news?

The DOJ has been looking at our industry as a result of impending Version 3 release. The DOJ is also looking at industry manipulation by trade groups through major corporations positioning influential employees as board member. Toyota and Nissan did this in the 80's in the lift truck industry and got burned badly.
[End of removed text]

What voting irregularities

What voting irregularities and what release? Spit it out!


You know my name. What is yours?

These are very serious allegations.

These are very serious allegations.

I am not sure that we DO know your name. Most people working in our industry leave a trail on Google, as do most Ph.D.s but I can find no record of a Julie M Linden in any field related to ITIL or itSMF.

Right now I am classifying these posts under "FRUITCAKE" and considering taking them down. Let me make it clear that the IT Skeptic has no evidence to indicate that there is any substance whatsoever to these allegations. Furthermore I find it improbable that some of the events alleged to have occured would in fact have taken place.

However I am loath to delete any posting other than spam without sufficient discussion.

Does anyone have any information about either the identity of this poster or the allegations made that would justify leaving these posts on the blog? You can reply here or contact me in confidence.

If not, I am taking these down in 48 hours under the terms of use as potentially libelous.

Serious allegations they are!


Here is the underpinning for the allegation, [THIS POST HAS BEEN EDITED TO COMPLY WITH THE TERMS OF USE OF THIS WEBSITE] [Here is what was removed from this comment, restored:]the ITSMFUSA board has been manufactured to accomplish a corporate goal. The voting process was hacked three times with over 100+ fraudulent votes being cast. A sufficient number to have an influence on the outcome. [End of removed text] An affidavit to support these charges will be available shortly.

In an attempt to get further information from the organization’s President, Leah Palmer, on the transparency of organization’s Bylaws, and whether they were approved by the organization’s membership and the ITIL certifications held by its board members, I received the following reply:

“We strive to ensure transparency… however, all the information you requested below is readily available to our members either via our website or upon request.” In order to get information about the organization, you must join the organization. It sounds like the long arm of the controlling parent in the UK.

Regarding the Google trail, I am published in a number of computer science magazines under my married name. Linden is my maiden name.

J M Linden

extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence

Readers will see that three of the posts by Dr Linden have been edited to remove unsubstantiated allegations. [UPDATE: text has been restored]

The IT Skeptic is unwilling to take such action in a free and open forum, but the allegations are too serious to be allowed to stand without adequate (or indeed any) evidence. A favourite saying of skeptics is "extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence".

ITSKEPTIC - extraordinary actions

I compliment ITSKEPTIC on the actions taken - well done.


I am waiting with great curiousity to find out more about these extraordinary assertions. In what venue will the affidavit appear?

Charles T. Betz

Wait no ore

Ask the skeptic!



Voting scandal

Ok... what voting scandal... is this April fool.... a bit late?

Coming soon!


removed content

[Here is what was removed from the above comment:]
I’ve had the opportunity to read over the first interview of the “hackers” transcript. The dbase was not technically hacked, the individual had a list of the ITSMFUSA membership which included usernames and passwords. The individual logged on to user accounts late in the evening on weekends during the election cycle and selected names that had not accessed the website for an extended period. The voting was controlled to direct the lead of certain individuals by undermining the 5th and 6th place finishers from being elected. When we can determine who they are, we will contact them.

There was no indication why they were singled out, but I’m sure it had something to do with differing ideologies that fragment the governing board.

Voting Scandal

No April fools here! Stay tuned!

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