ITIL Version 3 London launch event announced: the IT Skeptic comments

Man, news gets old fast. I've just finished giving itSMF heat for lack of an announcement and then today we get this: itSMF Version 3 will be launched June 5 in London. The interesting aspects of the announcement are....

  • Pretty snazzy venue. The IT Skeptic better start saving.
  • ...and a sexy website to go with it.
  • Only one venue announced so far: London. The IT Skeptic suggested there were a few strong opinions out there in the chapters, possibly over the amount of work and money expected from the local chapters, and possibly over exactly which locations should be graced with a visit. The lack of further plans yet suggest this may be so.
  • I guess three hundred quid is about market price for a full day with that many star attendees (all the authors)
  • Only one sponsor: IBM, bless 'em. They really are working hard to recapture some of the ITIL mindshare HP has taken. Where's HP's cheque-book then? Probably quibbling about wanting some say in how their money is spent.
  • But the good news is APMG and TSO are listed as partners so that suggests financial investment and even help in kind. Quite rightly so.

The best news is that ITIL V 3 is coming. It has been an enormous task and all involved are to be congratulated on bringing it to fruition. I can't wait to dive into it.

And I really do like the graphic art....


Full Schedule of ITIL V3 Global Roadshows announced

The ITIL v3 Global Roadshow website now has details of all 7 Global Events.

These are:
London, UK 5th June
Copenhagen, Denmark 7th June
San Jose, USA 12th June
Chicago, USA 15th June
Seoul, South Korea 18th June
Sydney, Australia 20th June
Sao Paulo, Brazil 22nd June

ITIL v3 Launch

Hmmmm itSMF have actually managed to create a website that doesn't look horrendous, this must be serious. Unfortunately I won't be able to attend but Sharon Taylor will also be giving a webinar on ITIL v3 early next month. From what I understand there will also be a Q&A session afterwards. Could be quite interesting.

Anyway here is the link

Is ITIL V3 Vendor Neutral

So - last year we had Sharon webinaring using Frontrange and now its Axioss - when weill we ever get a NON-VENDOR webinar for us folks in the trenches.. doesn't sound or feel vendor neutral to me....

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