McKinsey on how CIOs should think about business value

For those who can afford $150 annual subscription this McKinsey article looks useful: How CIOs should think about business value.

(Incidentally you will get at least as much value for your money from a McKinsey premium subscription as you will by paying TWENTY FIVE times that much for ITIL Live. Makes an interesting comparison doesn't it?)

For those who are skint like me McKinsey kindly give a lot away from their teasers:

IT generates value at two complementary levels: the core asset value (eg, hardware and software) and the vitally important value-in-use.
In the context of optimizing investments, the value of IT derives from dynamic control over the impact of IT investments on each company’s operating ratios.
For CIOs focused on operational improvements, IT’s value is measured mainly by process performance indicators: productivity, on-time delivery, and quality.
Developing value-in-use requires a CIO to examine new levers found at points where the IT department and the business units intersect.
The best companies at creating value-in-use embed their IT governance within the broader governance practices.

IT managers who don't get this stuff need to, soon.


It seems to be free via a guest pass

I'm a registered user of this McKinsey site but not premium and the article is available to me via a free guest pass.


McKinsey article

Dave, could you, please, share that article?

respect IP

No don't. that would be a violation of McKinsey copyright. Round here we respect IP

Freely downloadable root document

Even if this McKinsey document is IP-protected, the original study from which it derives can be downloaded freely and without requiring any membership from the CIGREF web site :

FYI, CIGREF is a working group of 100+ CIOs of the largest French enterprises.

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absorb some business thinking by osmosis

Thank-you Jennifer!

In my book Working in IT [ I was tempted to say "my latest book" but I have FIVE latest books] I suggest that techoes who want to absorb some business thinking by osmosis should subscribe to McKinsey Quarterly and the Economist for a year or two. That'll do it. Worked for me.


Please don't forget Harvard Business Review

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and it is a good short analysis document (11 pages or so) probably worth the Premium cost on its own in the right business generating or supporting context.




US$150 for one doc? I'm underselling my CMDB debate download! 81 content pages for $7.95. I should ask $1050

guest pass

How'd you do that? They don't give me a guest pass :( Word must be out....

Only Sometimes...


They only send the guest passes out occasionally. I think it's driven by their internal marketing campaign folks to drive subscriptions. Unfortuantely, most of the time, I get ones for stuff I didn't want anyway! :-)


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