ITIL V3 Processes

Last updated 9th February 2009

All ten processes and one function from ITIL version 2 are there in ITIL version 3. So too are a number of new process and functions: at least 13 by my count, 17 by others. My unofficial "definitive list" is here.

Curiously, there was no "official" list nor even count of the processes in ITIL3 anywhere in the five books, until the Official Introduction provided one (with 27) and the itSMF provided one (with 26). See a discussion of these lists here. The ITIL V3 Qualification Scheme offers 35 "subject areas".

So if you know ITIL V2, all the processes you know are there. You just don't know all the processes.

ITIL V3 process modelOGC finally published the long promised Lifecycle Process Model for ITIL V3. It is pretty much useless in its published state. Apparently if you pay the stiff fees for ITIL Live™, TSO will give you some further proprietary enlightenment but for the public this is it.

The process 'model' is offered as a diagram on the OGC website, devoid of any definitions, commentary or explanation that I can find. There is no explanation of how to read it, how it came about, what the context is, what compromises were made, what possible confusions to beware of. The diagram does use hyperlinks, but instead of being to the open free glossary, these links are to the closed, paid-subscription online books. The diagram is not done to any recognisable process diagramming standard, so how one interprets the shapes and arrows is left entirely up to the reader without explanation.

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