Free PRINCE2 practice exams - a list of sources on the internet

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[Updated 16/12/2015]

Here are five six seven nine ten eleven sources of free PRINCE2 2009 practice exams to help you on your quest for PRINCE2 Foundation certification. The IT Skeptic has worked through some of them but we make no comment on the quality of the questions - evaluating that for yourself is part of the exercise.

Please leave a comment if you want to discuss any question you are not sure of.

  1. From APMG themselves
  2. Project Performance
    No registration required.
  3. ILX
    Registration required. Zipfile download.
  4. Provek. Registration required
  5. Firebrand
    Registration required.
  6. PROJstudy
    Registration required.
  7. SimpliLearn
    Registration required.
  8. Silicon Beach
    Nice online quizes.
  9. Practice Quiz. Seems good. No reg. Study and Test modes.
  10. AFA Projects
    You have to manually check your answers
  11. HiLogic
    Um.... no answers? Interesting approach.

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PRINCE2 Foundation free sample questions also offers both free and paid sample questions. The tests are neat and online. One useful extra is that each question and answer includes a useful "learning tip" AND gives you the relevant manual reference. I've tried them and they're really good. TA

Course Material

Hello Skeptic,

Is there any on-line free training or course materials available for PRINCE2 foundation exam. If so please share the details.

Free Practice Test


That's all I can give you. These guys give free practice tests: [ PRINCE2]


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