A few quick questions about ITIL

Dear Wizard

I have been tasked with a project to introduce service management globally in our organisation. I hope you can help me with a few quick questions

1) What is the best way of handling incidents acoss seven countries to 20,000 users?

2) How do you manage 3rd party service providers to ensure they deliver within agreed SLAs? Provide appropriate examples where possible.

3) What are the key consideration and steps involved in selecting and implementing a service management system and setting up service management metrics?

4) What is your approach to coordinating outages and communicating changes to support key IT projects? How do you ensure no disruption of critical business activity?

Thank you for your prompt repsonse - we start tomorrow

Dear VJ

1) quickly
2) tightly
3) cost, relevance
4) carefully

Good luck!
The ITIL Wizard



RT LOL :-)

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